Queenax Now Available At Hillsborough Leisure Centre

We are excited to announce that Queenax equipment is now available at Hillsborough Leisure Centre

Queenax offers over 200 unique, functional exercises and the ability to accommodate small and large group classes. Whether you only go to the gym or you are keen swimmer, Queenax functional training caters for everyone’s needs.


What Is Queenax Training?


Queenax training is a form of exercise that is conducted around a specialised frame, focusing on functional and suspension movements. There are multiple points on the frame where you can attach different pieces of kit or attachments enabling a wide variety of exercises. Queenax allows for variations of movements, which includes exercise focused on push, pull, squat, bend, lunge, twist and move.


What a perfect way to spice up your exercise routine in 2019! Keep your eyes open on our tips and workouts coming soon.

We are looking forward to see you at Hillsborough Leisure Centre.