James Develops Confidence Through Our Learn To Skate Programme

Before starting Skate UK James had only a few friends and had only just got his first job. He was looking for something to help him get fitter for work and improve his self-confidence.

James decided to give an adult only session a go at iceSheffield. He loved it and a few others in the community suggested giving lessons a try. Once he got to know people he knew it was for him.

Now he has exceeded his own expectations of himself. James used to have struggle with balance and co-ordination and his aim was to pass level three, but continued and passed level six. He is now much more confident in himself and can do all sorts of things he could not in the past.

James has made lots of friends at the rink and says his coach always makes him feel really good about himself even when I struggling. He's now aiming for level eight.

James says, "SIV staff and coaches do an incredible job in coaching and supporting me in my skating. The coaches are brilliant in building my confidence and teaching me how to skate. This includes the adult figure-skating community also being very encouraging and supportive of me."

"Having a few hundred kids and a good many adults doing classes and one-on-one lessons every week SIV’s coaches work tirelessly to deliver a program of training." 

James is now aiming to continue working hard with his coach to make it to more intermediate training.


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