Adeel Gets Key Qualifications With The Help Of SIV And Street League

Adeel has serious learning and behavioural issues which have affected him throughout his life. He never engaged at school and left with no qualifications, and had no idea of what he would like to do with his future.

The lack of guidance and family support was evident as Adeel had very limited social skills.

He found out about Street League through a friend that was already attending and decided to join our programme, he undertook his initial assessments. A suitable scheme of work was put in place and with support, he successfully achieved his Level 1 Employability and Entry 3 FS Maths & English qualifications.

He attended a work placement at the U-Mix centre helping develop his employability skills further and has since secured full time work in a fast food establishment! Adeel is doing really well and feels really proud that he is earning his own money and being independent.

Adeel stated “that the belief instilled into me by the staff at Street League has been so important as previously all the feedback I got at school was negative. I am much more confident and have a much higher level of self-esteem. My friends and family treat me with a lot more respect.”


Get Involved

One of our 7 ambitions is that ‘Young children, families and communities in need will get support to get more active’. The support of our great partners is so important in achieving this.

Street League are just one of those partners - who in the last year used the power of sport to engage with over 150 young people, supporting 102 into education, training and employment! “By supporting us to deliver from such prestigious venues, the support from the staff across the business have really helped enhance to customer journey. The fantastic facilities encourage the young people to attend which have enabled us to grow each year and become the best performing region in the organisation. The delivery model of Sheffield is being replicated nationally and other regions looking at venues similar to EIS.” – Bashir Younis, Operations Manager, Street League. To find out more visit Streetleague.