Luke Is Our Swimmer Of The Week

Luke has cerebral palsy. He absolutely loves to swim. To Luke, when he swims, he’s just like everyone else.

Not long ago, Luke started attending swimming lessons at Hillsborough Leisure Centre. However because of his condition, he sometimes struggles. Our swim instructors have really helped Luke, understood his condition and supporting him to learn how to swim.

Luke worked really hard, and we love to reward hard work! Our Swimmer of the Week programme goes into schools to celebrate children who have done something outstanding. In April 2018 we went into Luke’s school and in front of the whole class presented Luke with his certificate for swimmer of the week for his efforts! All his classmates got a free swim voucher, and it’s fair to say Luke was the main man that day!


Get Involved

One of our 7 ambitions is to ‘deliver programmes to enable every child in Sheffield to swim and ride a bike’. We have over 5,000 children learn to swim at our pools every year, and we’re working hard to make that even more!

Our swimmer of the week is a wonderful programme that rewards all children for their efforts in swimming. Going into school, we celebrate children’s achievements with their school friends and families with certificate and presentation!