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Grit™ Series offers a high intensity 30 minute workout. Classes are challenging but can be taken by all fitness levels.

In these small group classes you choose how hard to work with the motivation and encouragement of our instructors. Choose from  Grit™ Strength, Grit™ Plyo and Grit™ Cardio.

GRIT Plyo  is a short 30 minute high intensity class based on plyometric workouts. The workout uses a bench and combines exercises to build an lean, athletic body.  

Grit Strength™ uses barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises and focuses on all the major muscle groups. This 30 minute high intensity workout is designed to improve strength and build lean muscle with the support and motivation of our instructors. 

Grit Cardio™ is a workout to improve cardio fitness and speed and maximises calorie burn in just 30 minutes. The workout uses body weight exercises and the intensity will ensure you see results fast!

Class Benefits

  Improves cardio fitness

  Builds a lean and athletics body

  Improves strength

  Sends your metabolism into overdrive, so you'll still burn calories even after your workout is complete

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