Have you ever played golf without golf clubs? No, that’s what we thought

Playing golf without golf clubs would prove very hard which is why at SIV Golf we offer golf club hire at all our 5 golf clubs. At SIV golf we care about participation and letting anyone and any level of ability play golf. We make it easy for you to play and participate in golf, taking away the biggest barrier, the cost of a good set of golf clubs.

A study by Forbes stated that 'for the past 5 years the single handed biggest barrier to entry for golf is the cost of equipment including golf clubs'.

SIV golf offers you golf club hire at each of our golf clubs in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Derbyshire. The cost of the clubs is about £5 - 7 for 18 holes of golf and we offer you high quality clubs for an affordable price. Fourteen clubs are the maximum allowed in one player's golf bag during a round played under the rules of golf for 18 holes of golf.. anthough any number below 14 is fine. Those 14 clubs cannot be changed during the course of one round of golf and you must finish with the 14 you started with. However, if you begin with fewer than 14, you may add clubs during a round as long as no delay is caused and as long as the club(s) added are not borrowed from another golfer.

At Tapton Park Golf Club in Chesterfield you can also get FREE golf club hire to use at our state of the art 14-bay driving range when paying for golf balls to practice or play golf. If you come to use our driving range and purchase any amount of range tokens or a driving range credit card then you will get access to a range of golf clubs available to use on the driving range.

To book golf club hire at one of our golf courses, speak to one of our friendly and helpful golf pros by giving us a call or visiting our pro shops. They'll recommend the bes golf clubs for you to play our golf course with.

Contact us and talk to one of our pro shop staff members.

Beauchief Golf Club - 0114 236 7274
Birley wood Golf Club - 0114 2647 262
Tinsley Park Golf Club - 0114 2448 974
Tapton Park Golf Club - 01246 239 500
Sinfin Golf Club - 01332 766 462

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