Half Term is fast approaching and as always we are here to help keep your kids entertained and engaged.

More and more parents are making the decision to book their young ones on to our camps witnessing growth and development in their children.

While it’s great to see many kids having a great time there are plenty of other benefits of our holiday camps. 

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So what are the great benefits of Holiday Camps? 

1. Camps help kids discover and learn new things - There aren’t many places that are able to offer a wide range of activities. With us your kids can try multi-sport camps or join our activity specific camps such as trampolining or gymnastics. So if you want your child to try and develop an interest or learn something new our camps are designed to do exactly that! 

2. Camps help with mental stimulation and physical activity - Many of us feel that kids don’t get enough physical activity during the holidays. Camps can get the kids going, both mentally and physically. Apart from getting involved in physical activity our camps are designed to make your children think and problem solve. 

3. Camps help your children gain confidence - With activity and growth comes success or failure. Each activity your child gets involved in comes with its own set of mini milestones and tests. Some of these activities might be brand new to your child, while others could be extensions of what they already know and are able to do. Getting your child to try new sports or simply work to improve their skills will increase their confidence.

4. Camps reinforce independence and empowerment - Even if you think your kids are already independent, nothing tests that independence more than giving them time away from you on their own. Without mum and dad around who is going to make their decisions? At camps they have to do it themselves. 

5. Camps build all round resilience  - This is a culmination of many of the above benefits. New friendships, confidence, independence and sense of belonging. All of these things contribute to the development of your child as they make strides from being a kid to a strong, considerate, competent adult.

Are you ready to get your child to try something different or simply help them to further develop their skills? 

OurSummer Holiday camps are coming up. Activities include trampoline, football, hockey, quick cricket, badminton, rounders, table tennis, dodgeball, frisby games, basketball, short tennis and volleyball.

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