SIV Golf courses provides golf for everyone so we want to break down some of the barriers and perceptions of what to wear golfing that prevent people from playing golf. All SIV Golf courses have a relaxed, yet defined, dress code that we ask all golfers playing our 5 different courses to follow.

- Appropriate footwear must be worn, such as golf shoes or sports shoes.
This is due to the conditions of the golf course. You'll be walking over 5,000 yards playing a round of golf so you'll need a good pair of golf shoes to prevent you from slipping, injuring or damaging yourself while on the golf course.

- Boots or heeled shoes are not permitted
We do not allow football boots, boots or heeled shoes onto the golf course. We pride ourselves in keeping our courses in the best condition and these type of shoes could potentially damage the fairways and the greens on the golf course.

- Shirts must be worn at all times, although a collar is not required
We want all of our golfers to look reasonably smart on the golf course so we ask that you wear a shirt when playing.

- Football shirts or shirts with offensive and/or prominent slogans are not allowed
Shirts with large writing or football shirts are not permitted on any of our 5 golf courses due to potential offence to any other golfers on the course.  

- We allow jeans on the course, but jogging bottoms, tracksuit bottoms or heavily soiled work-wear are not permitted
All types of jeans are allowed on the course but more casual bottoms such as jogging or tracksuits are not permitted on any of our golf courses.

- Shorts may be worn, however, football shorts and cut-off demin shorts are not allowed
Golfing shorts are allowed but any type of football shorts, demin shorts or three-quarter shorts are not permitted on the golf course

- Each golfer must have a set of golf clubs
This is so every golfer that is playing our golf courses has the ability to play their own shots and doesn’t have to wait around for their playing partner. This will save time on the golf course and will prevent slow play throughout the round.

If you have any other queries or concerns about what to wear golfing, please call any one of our 5 golf courses and speak to one of our pro shop staff to find out.

Beauchief Golf Club - 0114 236 7274
Birley Wood Golf Club - 0114 2647 262
Tinsley Park Golf Club - 0114 2448 974
Tapton Park Golf Club - 01246 239 500
Sinfin Golf Club - 01332 766 462