Advanced Ice Skating Lessons

After completing Skate UK there are still a number of options for you try to if you want to continue to improve you ice skating skills.

We offer Skate UK Dance and Free Skating lessons, one to one lessons and even the option to try out Learn to Play Hockey (You can try out Learn to Play Hockey if you have completed Skate UK level 5 or level 1 - 4 Learn to Skate Hockey).

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Our Skate UK Star lessons are just £44.00 (Paid monthly by direct debit) and includes unlimited ice skating on our public ice skating sessions.

Learn to Play Hockey is just £36 (Paid monthly by direct debit). Unlimited is skating can be added for just £8 a month. 

Make a booking below and we'll get back to you with available dates and times or call us on
 0330 333 0555.

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